YNAB’s Android App Gets an Overhaul

We’ll be launching a complete overhaul of YNAB’s Android app on Monday, December 8th. It’s beautiful! For you Android fans out there, this is a heads up.

I’ll be doing some deep-dives next week, highlighting exactly why it’s so awesome. A few quick wins:

  • You can switch between multiple budgets very quickly (no more re-syncing).
  • You’ll enjoy the All Accounts view, just as you have on the desktop.
  • Split transactions are more intuitive, you can pull to refresh, pinned categories are no longer a separate tab, easier management of saved geo-payees…
  • The list goes on.
  • You’ll love it.

You have one assignment: Start your comment below with “Dear Graham,…” As our solo Android developer, he single-handedly brought this to you. He deserves serious kudos! (We’re still seeking a second Android developer to double our efforts. Graham’s keeping his chin up as the search continues.)