YNAB's Mobile Apps - More than Tracking your Spending

At YNAB, we know you’re on the go. We are too. That’s why we’re so excited about our mobile apps for iPhone and – our latest addition – for Android.

When I talk to people in webinars or through coaching, I hear a lot of excitement about being able to enter transactions on the go. I must admit that it is pretty cool – I love being able to enter my gas station fill up really quickly instead of taking the receipt to be another scrap of paper in my pocket. I loved being out on our summer vacation this August, hitting three stops (lunch, an antique shop, and ice cream…) and knowing it was all entered in my budget before we even got back to the inn, let alone home from the weekend.

We share your excitement for entering spending on the go, and we’re always working on making that process even more seamless for you.

But the mobile apps are about more than entry on the run – they’re about taking YNAB’s Four Rules with you wherever you go.

Perhaps the most important point we discuss in the Intro webinar is the idea that, with a budget and YNAB, the most powerful lever for change in your finances is making your spending decisions based on your category balances. With a YNAB mobile app, you can do this wherever you go. At the shoe store and wondering if that fabulous new pair are in the budget? Grab your iPhone and check your Category Balance. Out and about and wondering if you’ve budgeted enough to stop at the fancy restaurant or only enough for quick bite of fast food? Get your Droid out and pull up your budget.

When you can check your category balance on the run, you’re taking Rule One – Give Every Dollar a Job – with you. You won’t be spending dollars that have some other job, because you’ve got all the information with you. Spending this way is how you put Rule One into action in your daily life, unlocking its real power.

You’ll also know how well you’ve prepared for that rainy day using Rule Two. You’ll know exactly how much you have to work with before needing to invoke Rule Three and roll with your overspending. And by looking at those category balances before you spend, you’ll get closer and closer to building (or keeping) that Buffer and getting out (or staying out) of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle – Rule Four bliss.

So go ahead and revel on the joy of entering your spending on the go…but don’t forget to check those category balances first! – Todd YNAB Coach