You Know You're a YNABer When...

You know you’re a YNABer when…

the first thing you do when you get a receipt is say to yourself “ok which category will those go in or better yet, is this a split transaction!”

I can’t wait til the next pay day just so I can go put February’s budget categories in! (And because I get giddy, like you, over entering receipts!)

you antagonize over buying girl scout cookies because you can’t figure out if you should categorize it as groceries or charity.

you get a kick out of coming in under budget on groceries because that means you can throw that money into the car replacement category, even though you expect your current car to last another 8 years.

you find yourself looking longingly at the chocolate bar in the store that costs only 50c and thinking ‘mmmm, chocolate….’, but then realizing you don’t have 50c left in your ‘snacks/eating out’ category, and you’d have to take it from another category, and you really don’t want to do that because then you might not have enough left in that category, and besides, you really don’t need the extra calories anyway. So….the chocolate bar stays on your shelf, your money stays in your wallet, and you still fit into your favorite pair of jeans!!

your 8 year old comes home from school and tells you they are doing a “Save, Spend & Give” project at school. She raised her hand and told the teacher “we do that and my Daddy does his budget, You Need a Budget, on the computer”!!!

your decision whether or not to purchase light bulbs at the grocery store isn’t JUST a matter of weighing convenience and price…the fact that it will create a Split also factors into it.

the UPS guy is concerned because I have cut waaaay back on getting deliveries from Amazon!

you forget when payday is.

someone mentions the word money and you can’t help yourself and have to mention YNAB and tell them all about it whether they really want to hear or not.

you use the word buffer in daily conversation.

your thoughts switch to ‘Yikes, the balances in my accounts are only ‘$[insert a figure in the hundreds or thousands]’ instead of ‘Yikes, the balances in my accounts aren’t enough to buy me dinner’.

you go to the bank to make some changes to your portfolio and you end up upselling YNAB to the Financial Planner behind the desk

you don’t notice your account balance is rising because you’re focused on budgeting instead of dwelling in transactions.

you look at a large deposit and smile thinking; ‘I’m glad that those money already have a job.’

You know you are the spouse of a YNABer when you don’t understand why you don’t have enough money to buy a $1.90 cup of coffee when your account balance says you have $ hundreds/thousands!

you immediately recognize a $1.90 purchase is a McDonalds ice tea because you have entered the transaction over and over again!

you no longer have a constant horrible feeling in your stomach.

you don’t feel frustrated when you receive non-monthly bills.

you don’t feel bad about purchasing something that you really want.

you don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.

you constantly have to tell your spouse that we can buy this, but will need to subtract it from another planned expense.

you are a straight guy but still strangely love a guy named Jesse that you have met on the Internet

you no longer stress about how you’re going to pay the next bill. (The money is waiting in the bank.)

You can’t wait until the last week of the month to do next month’s budget.

you take out $40.00 for gas, spend $37.65 and your first thoughts are “hmm…how do categorize the remaining $2.35!

instead of cleaning the house during your baby’s nap, you obsessively read the YNAB forums!

you tell complete strangers about YNAB while standing in the ATM line at the bank.

the end of the month brings excitement as you know you will be working on a new budget!