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The Team

The YNAB Team hails from Australia to Austin, Texas — from Massachusetts to Maine — and a tiny hop from Arizona to Utah. Did we mention Switzerland?


Jesse Founder

Jesse is the founder of When he’s not speaking on, writing about, fine-tuning software for, or doing his own budgeting, he enjoys playing the piano, working in the garden, CrossFit, marksmanship, and honing his golf swing. Jesse graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters of Accountancy degree. Immediately after he obtained his CPA license, he let it lapse so he could work on "You Need A Budget" full-time. Jesse lives in Utah, is married to Julie, and has five children.


Taylor Chief Technical Officer

Taylor joined the You Need a Budget team back when it was “just” an amazing spreadsheet. Shortly after collaborating with Jesse to launch YNAB Pro, Taylor left his dream job of programming video games to pursue a bigger dream of working on YNAB. Since then, Taylor has been searching for a job title that accurately describes doing “everything remotely technical and fun related to software and business, including programming, process automation, quality assurance, web development, user experience, and graphic design.” Although he proudly calls Austin, Texas home, Taylor loves to travel, and makes a point to live in the same city as his beautiful girlfriend—Turin, Italy—for a good part of each year. When he’s not writing code, he is learning how to spike a volleyball, playing board games, geocaching, hosting Couchsurfers, and playing video games. He also wants to say “he is an avid snowboarder,” because it sounds so cool, but is pretty sure going once doesn’t count. Taylor is an aspiring snowboarder.


Adam Chief Product Officer

Adam is responsible for designing all things YNAB. With over a decade of experience in multi-disciplinary design, he currently focuses more on branding and interactive work (websites, apps, games). He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jenn, and their greyhound named Cleo. Adam enjoys riding bikes, photography, exploring the LA food scene, video games (playing and making) and mid-century modern architecture.


Chance Chief Operations Officer

Chance is YNAB's Chief Operating Officer. His previous work runs the gamut from business consultant to business development and from sole entrepreneur to team manager. He graduated with his Business Management degree from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in Business Strategy. Chance has been a long time user of YNAB (since the early Pro days!) and thanks his lucky stars for YNAB everyday. When he's not busy working on YNAB, you'll find him on the tennis court, golf course, in a gym, on a snow board, or out hiking and camping. Chance and his wife, Kimi, have two children and live in Utah.


Erin Education Lead

At You Need a Budget, Erin enjoys working on “anything and everything” that helps people learn about budgeting. Credit card debt brought her to YNAB in 2006. Four years later and thanks to YNAB, the debt is gone! She loves helping other people work toward eliminating the credit card beast! Erin has many responsibilities regarding education at YNAB including the monthly newsletter, maintaining the inline help, video tutorials, coaching, and teaching the free online classes. In her spare time, Erin enjoys vegetable gardening, hiking, music, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in southern Maine in a 200-year-old farmhouse that she has been renovating since the dawn of time.


Sebastian Lead Mobile Developer

Sebastian lives in Switzerland and enjoys developing YNAB’s iOS apps. After playing with robots professionally for a few years (lots of fun), and doing consultant work for B2B enterprise stuff (not so much fun), he's now back to having lots of fun with YNAB's mobile projects. When he’s not working, he spends his time dreaming of an old Porsche project car, admiring wrist watches, eating chocolate, skiing, and riding his bikes (either motor bike or racing bike). Besides the stereotypical Swiss pastimes, Sebastian also enjoys PC gaming and family togetherness.


Graham Mobile Developer

Graham is YNAB's Android developer. He discovered YNAB after trying every other personal finance package out there and realised none of them made sense. He discovered Android after trying every other mobile phone platform out there and realised none of them made sense, either. Based in the beautiful west of Scotland, Graham has a wife, a young daughter, and another baby on the way. His favourite hobby is learning to fly small planes around the countryside--an activity which never would have been possible without YNAB. He is a passionate fan of anything related to aviation, Formula 1 motor racing, and listening to ridiculously complicated progressive rock music where one song can sometimes last over an hour (great value for money).


Todd Chief Knowledge Officer

Todd obsesses about the best ways to describe, explain, teach, show, and otherwise communicate effective budgeting. He also loves to run (and then run some more), build stone walls,  garden, and perpetually construct the office in his nineteenth-century barn. Mostly, he loves to spend time with his wife Jessica and their three kids in Central Massachusetts.


Angela Customer Service

Angela is a faithful YNABer who first discovered the program a year and a half ago. She knew it was special when she and her husband stuck to the budget for the first time in their nine years of marriage. Now a member of the YNAB team, Angela loves answering customers’ emails, their queries on the forum, and helping them reach their financial goals. Her background is in Electrical Engineering, Software Development, and has her Degree in Teaching.   When Angela isn’t working, she’s still working. Three kids under the age of seven keep her busy! Cooking, doing home renovation projects, and “organizing” help her stay sane and happy.


Lee Educator

Lee enjoys teaching the online webinars at YNAB. He sometimes moonlights as a project manager at a nuclear power plant in Minnesota...(ok, that’s actually his full-time job). Lee is an avid golfer and his YNAB forum handle, Turf_Hacker, tells you everything you need to know about his golfing skills. He’s been married to a wonderful woman for 28 years and has three kids. When not managing projects, teaching online YNAB classes, or golfing, Lee does some side work as a sound technician (runs the mixer board) and occasionally plays drums in a charity band with his co-workers.


Faisal Developer

Never having been in debt, Faisal was of the opinion that he did not need a budget. That was before he joined the YNAB team as a developer. Since then, he has achieved a number of his financial goals in a surprisingly short period of time, and now wonders how he ever managed to live without a budget.

He loves writing software, and even more so now, knowing the impact YNAB has on so many people’s lives. He lives in Multan, a historical city in the heart of Pakistan. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids (2 daughters and 2 sons), watching movies, and playing PC games.


Vesna Quality Assurance

After over two decades of testing for startups and small businesses, Vesna was introduced to an opportunity at YNAB.  Not only was it the best written QA/Test posting she'd read (true story!), but the people, methodologies, and enthusiasm were right up her alley. Meaningful software that really makes a difference in peoples lives? Sign her up! Now she spends her time admiring code written by various YNAB developers, and helping make sure it's running smoothly. Over the years, Vesna and her husband, Mike, collected a mortgage, some loans, and three boys. After a purge, and selling everything they owned--house included--they started traveling globally in January 2011.  They've managed to get rid of the mortgage, and nearly all the debt. The kids seem to be hanging around... but they are value added, so it's all good. Vesna and her family have no fixed address. Instead, they perpetually travel around the world whilst working in their passions, and world-schooling.


Jeff Mobile Developer

Jeff is a recovering classic rock musician, tennis enthusiast, and career software mechanician. He has twenty-plus years of experience with the likes of Apple, EMC and Amazon and a particular passion for mobile development. He and his wife, Lisa, have four children and split their time between San Francisco and Las Vegas. Jeff came to You Need a Budget because: “Having really struggled to get a handle on my own finances, I realized just how much the YNAB method and software genuinely help people, and I knew it would be wonderful to contribute to something so positive."


George Developer

George has never been one to follow the beaten path.  He worked as a skydiving instructor with over 3,500 skydives and 45 cumulative hours of free fall time.  He earned a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, then shelved his degree to begin his career as a software developer.  Later, he signed on as the first employee in a successful startup, and after a five-year run, decided to strike out on his own as an independent developer.  Seven years later a friend told him about a job opportunity at YNAB, and immediately he was attracted by their refreshingly unconventional approach to budgeting and running a company.  George is responsible for building the back end that will power the next generation of YNAB software.  He lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with his wonderful wife, Kim, two children, and spirited dog, Tucker.  When he's not sitting in front of a keyboard, he enjoys riding his bikes on the road and trails.


Ronna Educator

 After moving from Wisconsin to New York City for grad school, Ronna quickly realized the envelope method of budgeting she'd been using--with actual pouches, cash, and paper charts--wasn't working with her new on-the-go, urban lifestyle. She searched for a way to upgrade her budgeting system to the 21st century, discovered YNAB, and became an instant devotee!  YNAB has made it possible for Ronna and her husband--who's also a graduate student--to live comfortably in the big, bad, expensive city on very limited income while still building savings (with a purpose, of course).  She especially loves YNAB's flexibility. Even after years of being a budgeter, she always felt "bad" at it, until Rule #3 taught her that adapting her budget to her ever-changing priorities was the right way to do things!  When she's not raving about YNAB, Ronna spends her time reading, researching, writing, and teaching about women's health so she can earn her PhD and become a college professor.  She also really loves doing yoga, beadwork, cooking, and spending time with her husband, friends, and family.


Dave Education Assistant

After 12 years as a Project Manager implementing MRP and ERP control systems, Dave left his English homeland at 40 years old and came to Canada to be with the woman who is now his wife.  When he isn't assisting the Teaching team during webinars, you'll more than likely find him wandering around talking to the various free-range hens and turkeys he keeps on his 100-acre family homestead.  Dave has also been known to talk to (and shout at) under-performing heirloom vegetables.  When they aren't frozen over, he enjoys sailing on The Great Lakes, riding his unreliable motorbike - and helping out in the kitchen at his local Royal Canadian Legion.  His goal is to gain self-sufficiency in food and energy through the process of barter - and make as many friends as possible along the way.


Sherri Educator

Sherri's YNAB forum handle - “nhtechmom” - pretty much says it all.  She and her husband feed their need for the outdoors by living in northern New Hampshire, amid the hiking trails, rocky rivers and ski slopes of the White Mountain National Forest.  She was a history major who taught herself computers and ended up as a Technology Integration Specialist, teaching students of all ages and helping their teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum.  She was an at-home mother of three (now all in their 20s) and still turns around in the grocery store if someone says "Mom."   But she was never able to get the hang of managing the family money until she found YNAB.  Now she feels competent and in control of her finances.  And because she is a teacher and a mom, she loves to share YNAB, in hopes that it might give others a road map for tough times and a recipe for financial peace of mind in the long run.


Kyle Developer

Kyle is an ardent web developer, and open source enthusiast. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wonderful wife and two sons. When not crafting code for YNAB, Kyle enjoys a long list of odd hobbies including: programming flying robots, competitive apple juggling, constructing voxel worlds, flatland BMX, and composing oddly timed music with his cello, guitar and drums. Kyle joined the YNAB team after learning the code they write and methods they teach have such a positive impact on so many people.


Sarah Designer

With a background in Anthropology and a love of all things digital, Sarah is passionate about bringing the human element to product design. She came to YNAB after conceding that her own budgeting spreadsheet, a source of unmatched pride, had been bested. After working in UX in the start-up scenes of Boston and NYC, Sarah went on vacation to the West Coast and never returned. She now lives on a leafy street in Portland, OR with her 20lb tuxedo cat, Mr. Franklin Katz. When not pushing pixels or interviewing users, Sarah spends her time hiking, obsessing over the PDX food scene, and debating the plausibility of sci-fi physics.


Lindsey Director of Marketing

For the last 10+ years, Lindsey has been helping brands craft and share their unique stories. She would like to say that everyone has a great story, but they don’t – so she considers it a thrill to spend her days spreading the Gospel of YNAB. Lindsey is thankful to work from home, where no one has to know her creativity is largely dependent upon Diet Coke and Top-40 pop music intended for 14-year-old girls. She holds the distinct honor of being the only member of the YNAB team who requires IT support. And she does not love CrossFit. Lindsey lives in Central California (Ok, fine, Fresno) with three crazy, hilarious kids – one of whom she married in 2006.


Jen Customer Service

Jen is a longtime YNABer from Florida who can't believe she gets paid to help folks with YNAB. When she's not answering customer support emails, she is also a breastfeeding counselor, teaches childbirth education classes with her husband, runs a homeschool co-op, and in general does all the things crunchy moms do -- like reusing plastic bags and buying eggs out of the back of someone's car in the parking lot of Target. YNAB has allowed her family to stay out of debt, work less, and play more.


Ben Customer Service

Ben found YNAB after realizing that his “keep-a-mental-tally” budget method wasn’t working.  YNAB changed that, and has helped him become happier and less stressed.  As part of the YNAB team, Ben is excited to be able to support our customers and help them meet financial goals they’ve set!  Ben lives in Minnesota with his partner and (currently) three goldfish.  In his free time, he likes board games, going to the movies, reading, and currently is working on his goal of visiting every state park in Minnesota, his home.


Ryan Customer Service

Ryan works on YNAB's support team. His mission is simple: To save the galaxy from lousy customer service. With a background in IT, he loves helping people figure out technology. Since discovering YNAB, he has a newfound confidence with managing money, and he enjoys helping others achieve the same. Ryan approaches a customer's question like a jigsaw puzzle. He puts together all the edge pieces and then works inward. Got 595 pieces of sky? Wow, that's a lot of sky, but no problem. Missing a piece of the puzzle because it was devoured by a schnauzer? He'll handcraft a new piece -- out of papier-mâché. Ryan is still learning how to rein in his metaphors. Hailing from Virginia, he enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and spending time with his fiancé and family.


Caitlin Executive Assistant

Caitlin is YNAB's Executive Assistant. She graduated from Brigham Young University with her Bachelors Degree in Psychology (more about that later). She launched her career in healthcare, but transitioned to technology in 2012 and hasn't looked back. While she was slow to budget, after paying off the lingering remains of her student loans, just weeks after discovering YNAB, she became a believer. Caitlin enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, spending time with family, drinking Diet Coke, and watching the Mindy Project, while drinking Diet Coke. She and her husband, Bobby, live in Utah.


Carlos Developer

Carlos is part of the development team at YNAB, where he focuses his effort on making sure everything will be running smoothly on the server side for everyone using the next generation of the software. He has been working with software development for over 10 years and has a degree in Information Systems. He loves giving back to the development community through open source, and is member of the Ruby on Rails Core team. Carlos joined YNAB after learning everything we do to make a huge, positive impact on people’s lives. He lives in the small city of Rio do Sul, in the south of Brazil, with his wife, Shirlei, and his dog, Marley. When not coding, Carlos enjoys traveling, reading, watching series, playing games, riding bikes, and spending time with family.


Brady Developer

Brady is a native Texan and lives in Houston with his beautiful wife and super cute daughter.  He is a self-proclaimed geek and loves to write software and tinker with gadgets. Brady used to think budgeting was too much work and not worth the effort.  After getting married, money was a hot button topic and someone wisely suggested starting a budget.  Being a software developer, he decided to roll his own app for fun and somewhere along the way, he got really excited about budgeting and gaining control of his finances.  It eliminated conflict about money, helped pay off debt and gave him peace of mind.  When an opportunity came up to join the YNAB team as a developer, he jumped at the chance because he was well aware of the quality of the YNAB experience and how it positively affects so many lives.


Jim Educator

After getting frustrated with trying to budget with other software, Jim found YNAB and never looked back.  Now he loves to teach others how to use YNAB to get control of their money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a budget method that really works. His background includes a Business/Marketing degree from University of Idaho, 17 years of running his own music store and decades of teaching, recording and producing music.  He and his wonderful wife, Tana, love to travel and have two boys, both attending college. He enjoys playing guitar, hiking, riding motorcycles and the occasional game of golf.  Surrounded by the mountains and lakes of beautiful northern Idaho, you’ll find him outdoors whenever possible.


April Education Assistant

April lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, daughter, and cat. Her professional background is in non-profit management and administration. She believes in doing good work that helps others. Over the years, YNAB has saved April so much time and stress that she loves making it accessible to others via online classes. When not chasing after her daughter, she enjoys curling with her family, settling in with a warm cat and a good book, or crocheting an afghan on a chilly night. ​


Kari Customer Support Lead

When Kari first found YNAB—it felt epic—worthy of waking up her husband, Jonathan, early on a Saturday morning. And now, years later, she knows without a doubt, her hunch was right that day, YNAB is the best budgeting tool in the whole wide web.

After 10+ years in nonprofit management, Kari is thrilled to continue her mission-focused career at YNAB. As Customer Support Lead, she helps people prioritize their money to do what they love by ensuring every support question receives a prompt and helpful response. 

When she isn’t traveling or working on her budget, you’ll find her on a hiking trail, trying the newest food truck, or binge watching TED talks. Kari and Jonathan live in a tiny house in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, with their short corgi, Turbo.