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You like us! You Really like us!

We’ve long since had a loyal following of YNAB evangelists (Thanks, guys!), and while we love being recognized by the national media, the rave reviews of happy customers still hold the most weight in our book. But since you asked, here’s who’s been talking about us lately:

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Past Press Mentions

Maximum PC - Maximum PC
"Software worth paying for."

Learn to Budget With You Need a Budget - AppStorm
"10/10 - "YNAB exceeds my expectations in many ways.""

How To Self-Diagnose Your Financial Health - Tara Siegel Bernard, The New York Times
"Many experts recommend"

One of the “Personal Finance Tools You Should Use Now” - Kimberly Palmer, U.S. News & World Report
"One of the "Personal Finance Tools You Should Use Now""

Most Popular Personal Finance Software - Lifehacker
""Most popular personal finance software: YNAB""

A Great Alternative to Quicken and Microsoft Money - Free Money Finance
"Quite simply, it does what you need in any easy-to-use manner."

Best Budgeting Tools -
"[YNAB] is my favorite of all the budgeting programs I've tried."

The Digerati Life - The Digerati Life
"An awesome alternative to Quicken."

My Super-Charged Life - My Super-Charged Life
"The system is very intuitive, flexible, and it does everything I need."

YNAB System Review -
"It's easier to use than MS Money or Quicken." - Shelley Elmblad
"5/5 Stars. I like You Need A Budget 4. A lot."

Adobe - RIAs That Rock
"...serves as a gateway for a money management methodology"

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance - Kiplinger's
"If you need motivation to achieve financial discipline, consider YNAB."

CNN - CNN Headline News
"[YNAB] is great stuff—it really is."